Showtime’s ‘Guerrilla’ Romanticizes 1970s Leftist Political Violence

Showtime’s newest series, Guerrilla, premiered Sunday night to bring the rise of the British black power movement in the 1970s to the small screen. The show is tailor-made to feed the worst assumptions about police brutality and institutional racism. At least in the series premiere, the police are depicted as irredeemably corrupt, wantonly abusing their power to terrorize Britain’s black community, the embodiment of the modern Black Lives Matter movement’s most virulent rhetoric. 

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Major U.S. university publishes ‘COMMUNISM FOR KIDS’. Book teaches children to ‘yearn to be free of misery of capitalism’


“Once upon a time, people yearned to be free of the misery of capitalism. How could their dreams come true?”

That’s how the promotion for a new book for kids about the wonders of communism starts out.

The book, “Communism for Kids,” has been published by a major U.S. university publisher, MIT Press, and is now available in paperback or Kindle on Amazon. Read more..


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